Posts are unique data entries, that can be amended later on. Example of use:

  • Events
  • Blog posts
  • Comments
  • and many more…

Getting posts

To get posts you have two options, either use the get_posts function, and get the posts and their amends. Or use get_message and only get the unique POST messages (with their content obviously).

Creating a Post

Creating a post means creating a post object and wrapping it in a message. There is an helper for that: create_post.

>>> from aleph_client.synchronous import create_post
>>> create_post(account, {'content': 'test'}, post_type='testtype', channel='MY_CHANNEL')
{'chain': 'NULS2',
 'channel': 'MY_CHANNEL',
 'sender': 'NULSd6HgaaV62iEcTZSWoaTrA3U7Jr7Vv1nXS',
 'type': 'POST',
 'time': 1573570575.281997,
 'item_content': '{"type":"testtype","address":"NULSd6HgaaV62iEcTZSWoaTrA3U7Jr7Vv1nXS","content":{"content":"test"},"time":1573570575.2818618}',
 'item_hash': '02afdbf33ff2c6ddb46349298a4598a8801cec61dbaa8f3a17ba9d1ad6dd8cb1',
 'signature': 'G7yJjMCPgvX04Dd9rsz0oEuuRFa4PfuKAMOPA3Oblf6vd5YA1x15jvWLL2WycnnzYLEl0usjTiVxBl530ZOmYgw='}

Asynchronous version is very similar:

from aleph_client.asynchronous import create_post
await create_post(...)

Amending a Post